Exhibition: Materiality in Contemporary Croatian Art Exhibition curator: Feđa Gavrilović Prsten Gallery July 7 – 23, 2017

Materiality in Contemporary Croatian Art
Exhibition curator:
Feđa Gavrilović
Prsten Gallery
July 7 – 23, 2017


On Friday, July 7, at 8.00 PM, Prsten Gallery of the Home of Croatian Fine Artists will hold the opening of the exhibition Materiality in Contemporary Croatian Art. The curator of the exhibition is Feđa Gavrilović.

The exhibition Materiality in Contemporary Croatian Art will display works defined by matter as their most prominent expressive and semantic leverage. This includes paintings predominantly, seeing as the tradition of materiality is rooted in painting, i.e. the insisting on color and its rich layers, as well as on other forms of matter that are physically incorporated into paintings, remain crucial to understanding both the 20th century art (starting with classic art informel from the 1950s) and the ties those tendencies have formed to contemporary art production. The exhibition will display works by contemporary artists dating from the last twenty-odd years, roughly from 1995 onwards. The 1990s are perceived as the starting point, having been marked by a general return to material painting, following the significant gap during the 1970s and a turn to minimalistic tendencies in Croatian art. The painting of the 1980s opened up once again to colors, allegories and (sometimes) figuration; and from mid-1990s up to the present day, painting has been undergoing a process of emancipation from the imperative of meaning (while meaning has not been annihilated entirely, more and more way has been given to formal expression as the paintings’ capital holder). As a single component within this emancipation process, materiality is very much alive in art today.

The exhibition will display works by artists of different generations.

The exhibiting authors are: Đuro Seder, Biserka Baretić, Zlatko Keser, Vatroslav Kuliš, Zlatan Vrkljan, Bojan Šumonja, Zoltan Novak, Ivica Plavec, Predrag Todorović, Davor Mezak, Koraljka Kovač, Fedor Fischer, Ivana Vulić, Mak Melcher, Željka Cupek, Grgur Akrap  and Domagoj Rogina. The curator is Feđa Gavrilović.

The exhibition was financially supported by the City Office for Culture, Education and Sport Zagreb.

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