Announcement: FEDOR FISCHER – Collapse

Bačva Gallery, Home of Croatian Fine Artists
August, 24 – September, 3, 2017

Opening of the exhibition: Thursday, August 24 at 8pm at the Bačva Gallery

Exhibition Collapse, by academic painter Fedor Fischer will open on Thursday, August 24 at 8pm at the Bačva Gallery in the Home of Croatian Fine Artists.

At the 3rd Biennial of Painting in 2015, artwork of Fedor Fischer, with which he anticipated a great creative turn, now for the first time represented as a whole in this exhibition, got Special HPB Acknowledgement by the Award jury. That is why his solo exhibition Collapse is considered an announcement for the 4th Biennial, which is opening on September, 20 in Home of Croatian Fine Artists in Zagreb.

As noted by Josip Zanki, the President of HDLU, in the last few years, academic painter Fedor Fischer has made a big turn in his art poetics. From figurative and narrative painting built on the traditions of the German middle generation (such as works of Jörg Immendorff) and the legacy of the Leipzig school (especially Neo Rauch’s), Fischer has transformed himself into a painter who builds a painting as an object. (…) New works, which he represents in the Bačva Gallery (…) start from the materiality of the painting-object. Fischer uses the material of the canvas as something completely realistic and physical, and for the first time in Croatian contemporary art he moves boundaries and methods of painting procedures. (…) By following the footsteps of his art role models, Fischer on his Collapse exhibition, opens up new questions on how to treat paintings-objects, an idea of painting as soil, and in the end “the infinity of surface”, in which he believes as much as he believes in the painting. It is this infinity that opens up to us in the continuous circle of the Bačva Gallery.



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