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Iva Habus


March 16-26, 2017

Exhibition opening: Thursday, March 16, 2017 at 7pm

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Igor Taritaš


March 16-26, 2017

Exhibition opening: Thursday, March 16, 2017 at 7pm

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Radovan Kunić

Gathering of time

March 16-26, 2017

Exhibition opening: Thursday, March 16, 2017 at 7pm

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We invite you to the screenings of short films by Sandro Miller starring John Malkovich, as part of the exhibition Sandro Miller – MALKOVICH, MALKOVICH, MALKOVICH: Homage to Photographic Masters. The films on display are Butterflies, Ecstasy and Psychogenic Fugue.

The films are on display in HDLU Club during the exhibition. The films are screened in English with Croatian subtitles.
Entrance to film screenings is free of charge upon presenting the ticket to the exhibition.
Further information on gallery opening hours and ticket prices is available here.


Sandro Miller – BUTTERFLIES, 01:49”

Butterflies is a disturbing film about a journey many of our men from around the world go down.  Faced with unemployment they can turn to the demons of our society, pornography, drinking, drugs, divorce and suicide.

Released in 2011, Butterflies was featured in the New Directors Showcase at the 2011 Cannes Lions in Cannes, France.

Sandro Miller – PSYCOGENIC FUGUE, 20:16”
Psychogenic Fugue is a short film recreating some of the most iconic characters and scenes from the mind of David Lynch.Released in 2016, Psychogenic Fugue was premiered at the inaugural David Lynch Festival of Disruption in Los Angeles, CA.  The film is currently available for purchase through the website:  Proceeds from the film go to the David Lynch Foundation for Transcendental Meditation.


Sandro Miller – HELL, 08:52”
HELL is about naivety, ignorance, and brain washing. It talks of closeminded folks living in their cave believing the shadows despite the truth’s that surround them. It is these blind folks that have brought on to our world the most atrocious acts of violence on to human mankind ever.Released in 2016, HELL has been shown at exhibitions around the world including France, Poland, Spain, USA, and Canada.  The film was featured in the Toronto International Short Film Festival in November 2016.


Sandro Miller – ECSTASY, 01:43”
Ecstasy is about an Italian Guido preparing himself for another night of raunchiness in a nightclub bathroom.Released in 2013

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Ivica Malčić
PM Gallery
March 1 – 12, 2017

Ivica Malčić’s solo exhibition – TEN YEARS LATER will be open on Wednesday, 1 March 2017 at 19.30 h in the PM Gallery of the Home of the Croatian Association of Artists.

The exhibition “Ten Years Later“ is a continuation of the artist’s concept of having an exhibition in the same gallery every ten years, which started with the exhibitions in the VN Gallery (1994, 2004 and 2014). The exhibition in 2014 was named “Ten Years After“, and the one to be opened in the PM Gallery is named “Ten Years Later”. Exhibition names are taken from Alvin Lee’s English rock bands, as homage to the artist’s youth.

Malčić began the series of exhibitions in the PM Gallery in 2007 by exhibiting 365 diary drawings from 2006 named “Vincent Kick a Hole in the Sky“.

Ten years later he repeated the same process by exhibiting 366 diary drawings from 2016, one for each day of the year (this time 366 drawings because 2016 was a leap year). The difference between these exhibitions lies in the artist’s choice of media and formats. The drawings from ten years ago were made in various formats, using different techniques and types of paper, whereas the works from 2016 were created on A4 “bankpost“ paper.

The drawings reflect Malčić’s daily priorities, directly related to his creative activities, such as the experience of painting a painting followed by diary drawings of this activity in the evening.

If the immediate painting activity would not happen on a certain day, the artist would create a daily drawing depicting situations from his personal life, inspired by popular culture, everyday life or the problems of an artist’s existence. In Malčić’s drawings, intimate and private intertwine with the media and social and translate into artistic and symbolic.

All the drawing are dated and numbered and will be exhibited in a chronological order in a circular gallery space.

Exhibition foreword by Vanja Babić – MALČIĆ IN THE PM GALLERY


The exhibition was financially supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia and the City Office for Culture, Education and Sport Zagreb.

Wednesday to Friday: 11.00 AM – 7.00 PM
Saturday and Sunday: 10.00 AM – 18.00 PM
Closed on Mondays, Tuesdays and holidays

Trg žrtava fašizma 16
10000 Zagreb

Susanna Flock
Curator: Branka Benčić
PM Gallery
February 17 – 26, 2017

Formal opening of the exhibition Susanna Flock – SLIPPERY COPIES will be held on February 17, at 7.00 pm.

Branka Benčić, exhibition curator – Television Delivers People

„Slippery Copies“
The fusion of the net and real life has increased to such a degree that a distinction has almost become obsolete, the techniques of the “virtual“ gain in social and cultural importance. „Slippery Copies“ addresses the variable dimensionality of the digital and the resulting possibilities of dealing with entirely new contexts of meaning. Approaching the phenomena from different angles and views, the exhibitions includes a selection of my recent works and new works derived from my current research into the relationship between the body and its technologically-mediated environment.
The structure of the exhibition is based on our movement in the net. Here the paths, topics and thoughts jump from one link to the next. The selection of the assembled works takes up the world of side-by-side tabs and endless links in the flow of visual associations.

The central work of the exhibition is the video installation “Fetish Finger“.
Altogether twenty experimental video clips can be seen, that deal with the complexity of haptic perception in the context of screen based digital media.
Through digitization and the associated dematerialization of objects, the longing for haptic perception often increases. The moving images are associatively concerned with contact at the interface between the physical and the virtual, activeness and passiveness.
In addition to images of gestures and actions, 3D animations and photographs, video clips of so called “Food Diaries” are included in the work, in which the daily diet of various individuals is filmed and then uploaded to Youtube.

Formally, the video „Fetish Finger“ is read as if scrolling down a webpage. The video clips are not alined horizontally, but vertically. The narrative takes place from top to bottom.
Alongside the video installation, photographs and text works can be seen.
The photographs examine the „stuff“ of dough, as a living material that is never static, but is constantly changing and growing. Only by the action of mechanical energy the mixture of flour and water form the dough. This very physical process was then subjected to digital image processing tools. Further the dough motif was distorted, kneaded and shaped by virtual actions.
The texts such as “Smell like cheese but look real” and other selected quotations are sampled from the buyer reviews of an replica object purchased online. The comments describe handling, satisfaction and materiality of the simulated product.
The fabrics containing the quotations are presented between two acrylic sheet; the resultant folding and flattening emphasizes various readings of the text and highlights the „slipperiness“ of meaning and interpretation.

Susanna Flock

About the Author:
Susanna Flock, born 1988 in Graz, is living and working in Vienna. In 2015 she graduated in Fine Arts / Experimental Design at the University of Arts in Linz.
Before her graduation, she completed a one-year stay abroad in Leipzig and studied at the Department of Media Arts, in the class for Mass Media Research and Art in Medial Public Space at HGB Leipzig. Flock has participated in numerous exhibitions and screenings in Austria and abroad in selected venues in Vienna, Leipzig, Tallin, Vigo, Zurich, Toronto, Frankfurt and Sao Paulo. She also won several prices and residencies. In 2010 she won the Henkel Art.Award.-Up-And-Coming Price Austria. Followed by the Ö1 Talent Scholarship for Visual Arts 2011. 2012 Susanna Flock won the Crossing Europe, “Local Artist Atelier Price” and „Rainer Werner”, the Independent Critics Price of Schnongsfestival. 2015 she got the Atelier Scholarship Styria for Zagreb, Croatia where she undertook her residency of two month. Recently she was awarded with the Pfann Ohmann Price for Fine Arts. In October 2016 she was Artist in Residence at the Creart residency in Norway, Christiansand.

The exhibition was financially supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia, the City Office for Culture, Education and Sport Zagreb, Austrian Cultural Forum Zagreb and Bundeskanzleramt Österreich.

Wednesday to Friday: 11.00 AM – 7.00 PM
Saturday and Sunday: 10.00 AM – 18.00 PM
Closed on Mondays, Tuesdays and holidays

Trg žrtava fašizma 16
10000 Zagreb

Curator: Paolo Toffolutti
Prsten Gallery
February 17 – March 12, 2017

Formal opening of the exhibition LA FINE DEL NUOVO | THE END OF THE NEW will be held on Friday, February 17, at 7.30 pm, and the exhibition will stay open until March 12, 2017.

The project brings an itinerant exhibition of contemporary art with the title The End of the New that is going to be organized for a year in various Italian towns as well as in Ljubljana and Zagreb throughout the years of 2016-2017. The exhibition is organized by the cultural association Neo from Udine to celebrate the twentieth year of its founding with an exhibition both the same and different in each of its venues, as suggested by its name neo (new), used to redefine contents and aspects of the visual arts starting from 1996.

Aurelio Andrighetto, Annalisa Avon, Primož Bizjak, Maria Grazia Cantoni, Carlo Dell’Acqua, Gino D’Ugo, Emilio Fantin, Matteo Fato, Igor Grubić, Silvia Hell, Sandro Mele Luca Galofaro, Sandro Mele and Luca Galofaro, Andrea Morucchio, Andrea Pertoldeo, Robert Pettena, Francesca Piovesan, Francesca Piovesan, Luca Scarabelli, Enrico Siardi, Daniela Spaletra, Saverio Tonoli, Goran Trbuljak, Enrico Vezzi and Luigi Viola

More information – text by Paolo Toffolutti, exhibition curator

La Fine del Nuovo | The End of the New exhibition in Prsten Gallery is financially supported by The Ministry of Culture of The Republic of Croatia, The City Office for Culture, Education and Sports Zagreb and the Department of Culture Sport and Solidarity of Region Friuli Venezia Giulia (Italy).

Wednesday to Friday: 11.00 AM – 7.00 PM
Saturday and Sunday: 10.00 AM – 18.00 PM
Closed on Mondays, Tuesdays and holidays

Trg žrtava fašizma 16
10000 Zagreb


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