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Wednesday, 14 June at 5.30 pm

Darius Kowal has graduated from the Glasgow School of Art and has since exhibited at numerous solo and group exhibitions. He also works as a curator and head of the Combustion Gallery in Zadar, Croatia. In his professional artistic work he focuses on the creative process and sees the time he spends in the atelier as equally valuable as the public presentation. Darius has won numerous awards for his work, including Artsource Industry Award, Art Monthly Australia Award and Deans Honour Roll.

Kowal will focus his educational presentation, adapted to all ages, on the psychological impact of colour and light on the individual. The presentation will address the questions regarding the origins of light and singularity, electromagnetism, unusual manifestation of photons and wavelengths on quantum scales, and the example of Thomas Young’s double slit experiment. He will also lecture on the colour spectrum, the appearance of colours, shades and tones, and the relationship between the eye and the brain, questioning what we actually see. Darius will also present research on the use of specifically coloured light in scientific (and media) experiments, portray how colour is used to affect humans (marketing, sales, catering, etc.) at a subconscious level and also present the topic of Seasonal Affective Disorder phenomenon occurring in the Northern countries, especially in winter when natural light is scarce. The lecture will also include the use of paint in historical artworks in relation to contemporary works. The aim of the lecture is to explore the effect of light and colour on humans, as well as to stimulate the visitors’ interest in colour and light and expand their knowledge of these physical quantities.

The expected duration of the lesson is 90 minutes.
Language of the lecture: English
The entrance to the lecture is free.


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Sunčanica Tuk

Exhibition set-up: Ivica Župan
Prsten Gallery, Croatian Association of Fine Artists,
Trg žrtava fašizma 16, Zagreb
June 13 – July 2, 2017

Exhibition opening: Tuesday, June 13, 2017 at 7pm
Accompanied by LADO ensemble performance within Design District Zagreb Festival at 8pm

The retrospective exhibition of Sunčanica Tuk will open on Tuesday, June 13 at 7pm at Prsten Gallery (Croatian Association of Fine Artists). Sunčanica Tuk is an extraordinary personality on the Croatian painting scene, and her refined painting language of a marvellous confessionality is the most beautiful and most valuable in today’s art, as said in the preface, written by Ivica Župan. The exhibition is an overview of her artistic work in the last forty-five years, from student times at Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb to this day with an emphasis on the essential aspect of her artistic concept: processuality, based on primary, hermetic and reductive form. The articulation of the process, she set to brush stroke as essential “tool” by which she builds her serial painting of rows, layers and so called records.With the help of nerves in her hand and controlled automatism she writes a psychogram of inner spiritual states and latent resistance to reality, and with this process – absurd action of repeating the move – she awakes the absurdity of cognition and essential meaning, of course, with positive intention to withstand the destruction and entropy.

All phases of her work will be represented at the exhibition, with emphasis on works created immediately after her studies, 1971/72, which are confirmation of her early discoveries of key premises in her painting by consolidating the primary form on the basis of a serial system of repeated brush stroke.

About the Artist


The Varaždin City Museum, January 17 – February 18, 2018
Koprivnica Gallery, March 2 – May 2, 2018

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Sonja Jankov
PM Gallery
June 9 – 18, 2017

Sonja Jankov’s solo exhibition DOCUMENTATION OF A CITY will be open on Friday, June 9, 2017 in the PM Gallery of the Home of the Croatian Association of Artists.

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Maša Bajc
Un-common Realities
May 23 – June 4, 2017
Pm Gallery

Maša Bajc’s solo exhibition Un-common Realities will be open on Tuesday, May 23, 2017 at 19.00h in the PM Gallery of the Home of the Croatian Association of Artists.

Maša Bajc will present to the Croatian audience a series of large scale Photographies.

(…) In the series of works titled Un-Common Realities, Maša Bajc uses photography as an ideal (auxiliary) means without which the memory process is impossible to imagine. The decision on the moment of capture perpetuates over a longer period of time, always anew, regardless of the time of day or place. Sometimes she takes photos while being in a space between, in the air, recording optical sensations that function as triggers for reading intimate states. A series of futile tracks left by a small dog on dunes may be related to the general human condition. But this may just be a trigger to recapitulate one’s own memory, invisible to the camera.

Sandra Križić Roban

Preface by Sandra Križić Roban – Pleats


About author:

Maša Bajc was born in Čakovec, Croatia in 1980. She graduated from the Faculty of Economics and Business in Zagreb, Croatia. In 2010 she earned an M.A. in photography from the Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY and a Master of Fine Arts degree in Imaging Arts from the same Institute. She currently works as an Assistant Lecturer at the Department of Cinematography, Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb, Croatia.

Maša has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in the country and abroad, including: 2010 Lotrščak Tower, Zagreb, Scapes; 2014 Small Gallery, Poreč. After Silence; 2015 Makina Gallery, Pula. Maša’s Imaginarium; 2015 Photon – Centar za sodobno fotografijo, Ljubljana. Drugačni svetovi: Mlada sodobna fotografija zahodnega Balkana; 2013 Bronx Museum, New York. Bronx Calling: The Second AIM Biennial; 2011 Center on Contemporary Art ,Seattle, WA. Superposition; 2011 46th Zagreb Salon, Zagreb; 2011 Kortil Gallery Rijeka/MKC Split. Time After.

In 2012 she participated in the program for gifted artists “Bronx Museum AIM fellowship“, Bronx, NY. Her art practice is rooted in photography and related media.  Her work often reflects on her personal experience of nature and space and the world that surrounds us.

The exhibition was financially supported by the City Office for Culture, Education and Sport Zagreb.



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Božica Dea Matasić
Bottomless Bags 2
23.5. – 4.6.2017.
Bačva Gallery

Exhibition opening: Tuesday, May 23, 2017 at 7pm

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Maja Vržina
May 19 – June 4, 2017.
Prsten Gallery

Maja Vržina’s solo exhibition RULE OF THREE will open in the Prsten Gallery on Friday, May 19, 2017 at 19.00. The curator of the exhibition is the art historian Iva Körbler.

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HDLU – Croatian Association of Fine Artists announces


within the program of Bačva Gallery, Prsten Gallery, PM Gallery and Karas Gallery

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Home of HDLU – Meštrović Pavilion
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Ticket price:
20 kn for citizenship
10 kn for students and seniors, upon presentation of valid documents;
10 kn for groups (more than five people, price per person)
10 kn for regular members of the Association ULUPH, HDD, UHA, ORIS, HULU Split, HDLU Osijek, HDLU Rijeka, HDLU Dubrovnik, HDLU Istria, HDLU Varaždin on presentation of a valid membership card;
Free for regular members of the HDLU, AICA, ICOM, DPUH, HND and students of the Academy of Fine Arts and students of the Faculty of Philosophy, direction of art history or ethnology and cultural anthropology, upon presentation of valid documents.
Tickets can be purchased at the box office HDLU during working hours of the exhibition.
For other inquiries regarding tickets, please contact us at

Home of HDLU:
Wednesday–Sunday 10 – 13 and 16 – 20
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