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Results of the competition for exhibition program in 2018


Croatian Association of Fine Artists would like to thank all the participants for a large number (85) of high quality applications and participation on the competition for exhibition program in 2018.

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Petra Mrša
PM Gallery
July 11-23, 2017

Metra Mrša’s solo exhibition CHANGING CONDITIONS, CHANGING MINDS will be open on Tuesday, July 11 at 8pm  in the PM Gallery of the Home of the Croatian Association of Artists.

Petra Mrša visited China in 2014, where she recorded a traveller from Europe visiting tourist and some less known locations in Beijing. By following this traveller, resigned, tired, astonished, from behind, in detail, she opened the path to the segments of Chinese culture, which she subsequently elaborated through directed still life photography, video works, texts, maps, artefacts. By virtue of circumstances in the given opportunity, and during a completely informal visit to the Asian continent, Petra found yet another chance to present and express the openness towards the different.

This documentary-fiction multimedia narrative is the result of Petra’s interest in the circumstances experienced, social conditions, inhabitants, and their interrelationship. The research she began after the journey included various methods and sources, from Google and Baidu, through an interview with Mitja Saje, a Professor of Chinese History and Writing at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, interview with Lynn Ni, a Professor of Chinese Language at the Confucius Institute, interview and collaboration with Yang Bo, a Tai Chi instructor, to a workshop with students from the International School of Paris and collaboration with the Chinese artists: Xiaojie Fu, Xu Guoxiong and De Hao at the Cité Internationale des Arts Residency in Paris.

After collecting a lot of material, Petra decided to focus her exhibition in the PM Gallery on the three main topics: traditional Chinese architecture, spiritual practice and contemporary economy, the qualities of which have become the principles of the exhibition itself: dedication, softness and experiment.

With such approach, she creates a hybrid space of understanding and experiencing that loudly alternates with the adopted simplified images of the presentation of the Other.

Taking as a starting point the theory of expanded and extraterritorial identity, through the work creation process, Petra also questions her own identity. By taking a step away from the learned stereotypical view, according to which the inhabitants of China are most often seen as the victims of the political regime or exoticism, and by learning about the affirmative constructs of another culture, she expands the space of freedom and skilfully transposes it into the process of creating the exhibition and expands her previous artistic expression. With this exhibition, Petra offers an innovative view of the medium of photography, which, mediated by the hybrid research, ceases to be the representational means of a place in front of the camera, and becomes a network of associations through which the viewer takes an independent journey and finds answers to the questions of otherness, diversity, exclusion and universality.

Martina Miholić

About Author:
Petra Mrša was born in Rijeka in 1985. She graduated in Photography from the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb, in Sociology from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb and in Psychology from the Centre for Croatian Studies in Zagreb. She has exhibited in numerous museums and galleries. Her work is included in the collections of the Museum of Arts and Crafts in Zagreb, Zagreb City Museum and Contemporary Croatian Photography Platform.   She worked as an assistant at the Hoxton Gallery in London. She is currently the assistant in Photography at the Academy of Applied Arts in Rijeka.
So far, Petra has published two books: New School published by Pazzini Editore and Rehearsing Family with the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rijeka as the main publisher.
She has won several awards, including: VIG Special Invitation at ESSL Art Award Exhibition in 2015, Ex aequo at the 24th Slavonian Biennale in 2015, the best portfolio at Savignano Immagini Festival in 2012. She has participated in many national and international projects.

The exhibition was financially supported by the City Office for Culture, Education and Sport Zagreb, the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia and Slika d.o.o.

Wednesday to Friday: 11.00 AM – 7.00 PM
Saturday and Sunday: 10.00 AM – 18.00 PM
Closed on Mondays,

Trg žrtava fašizma 16
10000 Zagreb

K.K.’s Diary
Bačva Gallery

Exhibition opening: Tuesday, July 4, 2017, 8pm

The exhibition K.K.’s Diary of Koraljka Kovač will open on Tuesday, July 4 at 8pm at Bačva Gallery (Croatian Association of Fine Artists).

Koraljka attributes an intimate spirit to in total enlarged diary, verbal (hidden and invisible) – visual records (revealed and visible) using collective, not completely perfect symbols of the circle, square, triangle, rectangle… Actually, the communication of their relations of archetypal properties as well as the one connected with elongated rectangles of circular circumference with which it encircles the circular space. (…) The whole idea of encircling was first created in a diary note. With a sort of unconscious automatism, the artist fills pages and pages with intimate signs of a visual and verbal intimate diary, which she unconsciously fills with paintings-drawings-writings while having her mind somewhere else – for example, while talking on the phone or working on sketches. (Željko Marciuš, autthor of the preface)


About the artist


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Working hours:

Wednesday – Friday 11 to 7pm, Saturday and Sunday 10 to 6pm,
Mondays, Tuesdays and holidays closed

The exhibition will remain open until July, 16.  2017.


Sunčanica Tuk

Exhibition set-up: Ivica Župan
Prsten Gallery, Croatian Association of Fine Artists,
Trg žrtava fašizma 16, Zagreb
June 13 – July 2, 2017

Exhibition opening: Tuesday, June 13, 2017 at 7pm
Accompanied by LADO ensemble performance within Design District Zagreb Festival at 8pm

The retrospective exhibition of Sunčanica Tuk will open on Tuesday, June 13 at 7pm at Prsten Gallery (Croatian Association of Fine Artists). Sunčanica Tuk is an extraordinary personality on the Croatian painting scene, and her refined painting language of a marvellous confessionality is the most beautiful and most valuable in today’s art, as said in the preface, written by Ivica Župan. The exhibition is an overview of her artistic work in the last forty-five years, from student times at Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb to this day with an emphasis on the essential aspect of her artistic concept: processuality, based on primary, hermetic and reductive form. The articulation of the process, she set to brush stroke as essential “tool” by which she builds her serial painting of rows, layers and so called records.With the help of nerves in her hand and controlled automatism she writes a psychogram of inner spiritual states and latent resistance to reality, and with this process – absurd action of repeating the move – she awakes the absurdity of cognition and essential meaning, of course, with positive intention to withstand the destruction and entropy.

All phases of her work will be represented at the exhibition, with emphasis on works created immediately after her studies, 1971/72, which are confirmation of her early discoveries of key premises in her painting by consolidating the primary form on the basis of a serial system of repeated brush stroke.

About the Artist


The Varaždin City Museum, January 17 – February 18, 2018
Koprivnica Gallery, March 2 – May 2, 2018

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Formal opening of the exhibition SCREEN PRESENT TENSE will open in the Bačva Gallery of the Home of the Croatian Association of Artists on Friday, June 9, 2017 at 7 pm Exhibition opening will be followed by performance ”Show Personality Not Personal Items’ by Nora Turato.

The exhibition Screen Present Tense is dedicated to contemporary forms of performing arts and feminism. Throughout its history, performance was never completely unmediated, devoid of a certain level of mediation. Moreover, performance is often technology-dependent, whether it be text, photography, video archives, or social networks. The paradox of all forms of contemporary technological mediations lies in the fact that the real body is being constantly transformed into a body-image. In other words, the embodied experienced is never free from technology. On the other hand, it was only a matter of time when female artists would make their presence known within the Internet’s public space and tackle the dominant position of the male gaze.

Labanna Babalon, Genevieve Belleveau, Melanie Bonajo, Elektra KB, Tonči Kranjčević Batalić, Bruna Radelja , Andrea Resner, Ivana Rončević, Erica Scourti , Leah Schrager, Sandra Silađev Dinja, Nora Turato and Saoirse Wall.

Curators of the exhibition: Sandra Sterle and Klaudio Štefančić

Artist talk:
Saturday, June 10 at 7pm at Klub HDLU
Speakers: Nora Turato, Ivana Rončević, Erica Scourti i Sandra Sterle
Moderator: Ivana Ivković


Exhibition preface – Sandra Sterle & Klaudio Štefančić


The exhibition was financially supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia and the City Office for Culture, Education and Sport Zagreb.

We would like to give special thanks to Gallery Miroslav Kraljević, Gallery Matica Hrvatska, Umjetničkom paviljonu and Evelina Turković.



Wednesday to Friday: 11.00 AM – 7.00 PM
Saturday and Sunday: 10.00 AM – 18.00 PM
Closed on Mondays, Tuesdays and holidays (June 15, 22,25)
expect Monday, June 26 and Tuesday, June 27 when galleries are opened

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Sonja Jankov
PM Gallery
June 9 – 18, 2017

Sonja Jankov’s solo exhibition DOCUMENTATION OF A CITY will be open on Friday, June 9, 2017 in the PM Gallery of the Home of the Croatian Association of Artists.

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Maja Vržina
May 19 – June 4, 2017.
Prsten Gallery

Maja Vržina’s solo exhibition RULE OF THREE will open in the Prsten Gallery on Friday, May 19, 2017 at 19.00. The curator of the exhibition is the art historian Iva Körbler.

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