Predstavljanje radova i razgovor s litavskih umjetnicima Prof. Ph.D. Remigijus Venckus i Prof. dr. Rimantas Plungė 19.7. 2022. u 18 sati

Predstavljanje radova i razgovor s litavskih umjetnicima Prof. Ph.D. Remigijus Venckus i Prof. dr. Rimantas Plungė 19.7. 2022. u 18 sati

19. 07. 2022. u 18 sati u Meštrovićev paviljon u prostoru Kluba HDLU održat će se projekcija video radova umjetnika prof.dr.Remigijusa Venckusa i prof.dr.Rimantasa Plungė. Ovom prilikom bit će prikazana retrospektiva video radova umjetnika R. Venckusa nastao od 2005 do 2018. i radovi  R. Plungė nastali u periodu 2009. – 2018.


18:00 – 18:25 pm. “Single Screen” – the video art retrospective of Prof. Ph. D. Remigijus Venckus:

  • “Letter”, 2018. Experimental dance movie, HD-PAL (K4), 00:05:12.
  • “Love”, 2009. Experimental acting movie, DV-PAL, 00:05:23.
  • “Sorrow and Light”, 2007. Experimental movie based on poem, DV-PAL, 00:08:40.
  • “Genetic Art” 2005. Experimental animation, DV-PAL, 00:03:17.


18:25 – 18:50 pm. „Video Stories“ – the video art retrospective of Prof. Dr. Rimantas Plungė:

  • The painting lesson II, 2022. Experimental movie, HDV-PAL, 26:00:00


18:50 – 19:00 sati. Razgovor s umjetnicima

Prof. dr. sc. R. Venckus je likovni kritičar i medijski umjetnik. Gostujući je profesor na Kazimieras Simonavičius University (Litva) i redoviti profesor na Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (Litva). R. Venckus najčešće se bavio umjetnošću fotografije. Glavnu temu stvaranja čine sjećanje, vrijeme i osobno iskustvo te interpretacije muškog tijela i seksualnosti. U Litvi poznat kao likovni kritičar koji se bavi recenziranjem izložbi suvremene umjetnosti i pisanjem o slikarstvu, fotografiji i video umjetnosti.

Prof. dr. Rimantas Plungė je gostujući profesor na Kazimieras Simonavičius University (Litva)i redoviti profesor na Sveučilištu Vytautas Magnus (Litva). Suvremeni umjetnik izuzetno aktivan na međunarodnom umjetničkom polju, neprestano izlažući svoje radove u raznim zemljama svijeta (Italija, Velika Britanija, Meksiko, Hrvatska, Danska, SAD, Litva i drugdje). Bavi se različitim medijima – fotografijom, videom, slikarstvom, izradom kolaža, umjetničkih objekata, te kao medijski dizajner izvodi medijske proizvode za televizijske i produkcijske kuće.


Prof. dr. Remigijus Venckus has been known as a media artist for quite a long time, but not everyone remembers his early video artist’s activity, which started in 2002. Most of the video was created in the method of collage: combination of different web cam shots applied to numerous softwares, which is usually used separately in photo and video postproduction. The method of collage enables one to identify video art as a pure amazing view, or to talk about video as a painter’s or graphic’s interpretation of his own inner personal world.

On the one hand, R. Venckus destroys the records in every video, on the other hand, he keeps searching the ways of expression, which could be recognised as a reflection of western pictures tradition; thus, the author’s video is based on the knowledge of abstract painting, graphic and drawing history. He also turns back to the history of contemporary visuality, he quotes the different aspects of conceptual art linking us to the roots of video art or experimental cinema.

The way of the Venckus video art is similar to his photography. All the time, the artist analyzes media equipment and provokes us to think: where are concrete borders between normal and abnormal images, literal narratives and visual abstractions, objectively subtractive reality and intuitive life, clear documentary and amazing poetry, and the like. In addition, the last factor (poesy) is still very important to Venckus, many of his videos being based on different parts of contemporary poetry; Venckus says: ‘Poetry/poesy frees me from the world and enables art to breathe’.

Nowadays, the author creates video films based on social problems. From time to time he cherishes ideas, which find their source in his photographer’s activity: a human’s identity and the studies of the male body and sexuality.

In the last few years, the character that appears in Venckus’ videos is his person as ‘the artist’. He reflects on the relation of the artist to his urban, social and political surroundings. In his works, the author puts himself as an example of someone who has received antipathy from professional and social levels representatives. Working with male nudes, the artist has been confronted with resentment and hostility on the part of the audience. He also reflects on the status of his country as a member of the European Union and a post-socialist society.

The latest films by Venckus may be understood as a meaningful gesture of denial or negation, at the same time, it turns out to be a sculptural process, as the portrait shot becomes a contemporary moving bust. Another brand new set of video will combine strong music rhythms, dance performances and city scapes, bringing together the classical body figuration and urban space.

The last but not the least fact is that Venckus hasn’t been specially educated as a video artist, however, he has being successfully educating himself through getting interested in the latest literature, movies, documentaries and experiments. He has also been lecturing on video art in Lithuanian Universities for 15 years. His students have already gained enough skills to become video and visual artists, film directors, producers and screen makers for pop music. After Venckus’ courses, the students have successfully studied moving images in the higher educational institutions of the UK, Scandinavia and Western Europe.

Prof. Dr. Rimantas Plungė. The works of R. Plungė are characterised by the analysis and interpretation of essential constants of time, space and identity (Latin: identity – presence). The author began to analyse these topics in his early works, in his paintings and collages. Over time, the creativity of the author matured, changed, and the series of paintings, collages and exhibitions were complemented by photography and videography. The author’s artistic dynamics of expression were influenced by both his scientific research and personal life experiences. The author does not leave topics of time, space, identity constants, they are witnessed in every author’s work. Plungė’s works are not straight-forward, rather showcasing, but rather subtly guiding the viewer towards essential reflection, rethinking and redefining time, space and identity. The works do not truthfully testify, didactically explain, but rather invite the to perceive world around them. The author constantly refers to the ecosystemic concept of the world, which states that when one part of the system changes, the whole system changes. Such deep reflection of the constantly changing world can be seen in the works of R. Plungė. Not surprisingly, the author often keeps up with the collage technique he actualised in his early creation – collage like no other creative technique best reflects both fragments of the world around us and witnesses the flow of time and the complex shimmering whole, and reflects us through our daily experiences. Obviously, the author is constantly looking for new expression or technical means, so his movement from static traditional techniques to moving video is consistent. On the one hand, the author constantly gives us viewers new visual solutions, which one viewer, a professional appraiser, called “eye-cheering” (at the opening of the exhibition), and on the other hand, the author’s works constantly reveal to us invisible parts of the world. visible is not a complete reflection of the world.



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