Exhibition: Westdeutscher Kunstlerbund (WKB) – Expanding photography

Westdeutscher Kunstlerbund (WKB)
Expanding photography
Curators: Claudia Rinke i Elly Valk-Verheijen
PM Gallery, Home of Croatian Fine Artists / Meštrović Pavilion
Trg žrtava fašizma 16, Zagreb
August, 3 – September, 3, 2017

Opening of the exhibition: Thursday, August 3 at 8pm at the PM Gallery.

Group exhibition Expanding photography, by Westdeutscher Kunstlerbund (WKB) will open on Thursday, August 3 at 8pm at the PM Gallery in the Home of Croatian Fine Artists / Meštrović Pavilion.

This project is the result of several years of international cooperation between Croatian Association of the Fine Artists (HDLU) and the Westdeutscher Kunstlerbund (WKB), the last of which was exhibition  “(re) thinking Space & Place”, a presentation of Croatian artists on a a group exhibition in Flottmann-Hallen in 2015, in Herne, Germany. Before that, in 2014, WKB members presented themselves at the PM Gallery in the Home of Croatian Fine Artists. Collaboration continues with the project “Expanding photography”, which discusses photography as an expanded medium.

“The exhibition is not composed of pure photographs for the most part, but 16 artistic positions which reinterpret and alienate these images, as well as using photographic material and techniques and including these in other art forms. Here, a wide range of different approaches and ways of dealing with photography is shown, from purely photographic techniques, such as the photogramme, up to the study of the reproduction mechanisms of the Internet. The visitor is invited to deal with his habits of perception and his own approach to photography, and possibly to question these.”

(From catalogue preface, written by Claudia Rinke)

Artists: Nora Schattauer, Klaus Küster, Nina Brauhauser, Alwin Lay, Ulrich Haarlammert, Katja Butt, Frauke Dannert, Christiane Erhard, Oster / Közle, Kyoung Jae Cho, Denise Winter, Christoph Wester Meier, Peter Buchwald, Evangelos Koukouwitakis, Walter Schernstein i Jens Sundheim.

Curators: Claudia Rinke i Elly Valk-Verheijen




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The exhibition will remain open until September, 3, 2017



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