GAIA RADIĆ – Hanging “Gardens” of Babylon in Karas Gallery

On Tuesday, 21.2.2023. Gaia Radić opens her solo exhibition entitled Hanging “Gardens” of Babylon, at 7 pm in Karas Gallery (Ulica kralja Zvonimira 58).

In her foreword, Katarina Podobnik emphasizes:

Listed as one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, the fantastic Hanging Gardens of Semiramis, as well as the mythical Tower of Babel, are limited by the endless possibilities of a “limited (…) and [!] delineated surface” (Šuvaković, 2005: 457). In other words, “the Hanging Gardens of Babylon”, as pictorial records of a fictitious idea (myth), exhibit different possible virtual interpretations, simulating in the gallery space what is in itself a simulation. With a simulacrum as a representation “that seems to show something in the world (…) [and] actually, does not show anything” (2005: 566-567), Radić points to the impossibility of detecting the boundaries of physical and simulated reality, especially in the context of everyday life of modern post-information society, the intangible extension of which is the virtual reality of the metaverse: “In this magical relationship, it becomes unclear (and irrelevant) to the observer where the reality ends and the simulation begins” (Duplančić, 2022).



Gaia Radić was born in Pula in 2001. She is currently studying sculpture at the Academy of Applied Arts in Rijeka, Croatia and architecture at the Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana, Slovenia. So far, she has had the opportunity to participate in more than twenty group exhibitions in Croatia and Slovenia and has collaborated with the Center for Innovative Media (CIM APURI), SC Gallery in Zagreb, Kortil Gallery in Rijeka, UR Institute from Dubrovnik and Metamedij Association from Pula, among others. She is the youngest member of the Croatian Association of Visual Artists of Istria. She won the second Erste Award of the 36th Youth Salon and was the finalist for the Golden Watermelon 6.0. Young Artists Award. She deals with the correlation of mental, material and virtual space and develops her concepts as a combination of spatial installation and computer graphics.

The exhibition will be open in compliance with all measures and recommendations of the National Headquarters of Civil Protection, and you can view it in the period from 21.2. to 11.3.2022.


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