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We are cordially inviting you to the opening of the first Croatian Biennale of Painting which will take place from the 3rd of November to the 3rd of December 2011 at the Home of Croatian Visual Artists. The opening of the exhibition will be on Thursday the 3rd of November at 8pm.

Croatian Association of Artists is a professional guild organization of visual artists in Croatia, which has decided to establish the first Croatian Biennale of Painting. We aim to evaluate Croatian painting scene as well position it within a European and global context. Namely, in Croatia we have witnessed an exceptional revival of painting, during last years as much as through the activities of middle generation of painters, as well through emersion of the youngest. At the Biennale, we will present the most interesting occurrences on the Croatian painting scene and give a framework for its theoretical reflection and reevaluation. Apart from presenting what is new in Croatian painting today each new instance of the Biennale will present relevant tendencies in painting in particular cities, regions and countries. This year we have invited a reputable British curator with a Berlin address, Mark Gisbourne, in order to select and present to the Croatian public what he considers most interesting in what is momentarily the freshest painting scene in the world. As a result of his selection in the Barrel Gallery, and as part of the Biennale of Painting, we will present eighteen of the most prominent Berlin based painters in an exhibition titled “I am a Berliner”.

Selected artists: Damir Babić, Jagor Bučan, Željka Cupek, Sebastijan Dračić, Fedor Fisher, Danko Friščić, Martina Grlić, Paulina Jazvić, Ivona Jurić, Koraljka Kovač, Mirna Kutleša, Lovro Lapuh, Ivan Latin, Gordana Meštrović, Davor Mezak, Zdravko Milić, Pavle Pavlović, Tanja Ravlić Čelić, David M. Shrem, Krunislav Stojanovski, Domagoj Sušac, Josip Tirić, Vanja Trobić, Ivan Tudek, Zlatan Vehabović, Anabel Zanze, Marko Zeman, Dino Zrnec

Invited artists: Lovro Artuković, Gordana Bakić, Boris Bučan, Duje Jurić, Zlatko Keser, Željko Kipke, Davor Krelja, Željko Lapuh, Ivica Malčić, Zoltan Novak, Igor Rončević, Đuro Seder, Bojan Šumonja, Matko Vekić, Zlatan Vrkljan

Mark Gisbourne’s selection: Martin Assig, Daniel Biesold, Norbert Bisky, Martin Borowski, Axel Geis, Valerie Favre, Katharina Grosse, Harald Hermann, Gregor Hildebrandt, Christian Hoischen, Michelle Jezierski, Ruprecht von Kaufmann, Clemens Krauss, Robert Lucander, Gerold Miller, Frank Nitsche, Peter Stauss, Miriam Vlaming

The exhibition is kindly supported by the Croatian Ministry of Culture and the Goethe Institute in Zagreb.



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