Exhibition BORROWORROB: InSearch of Symmetry

Peter Macapia
BORROWORROB: In Search of Symmetry
Peter Macapia, Palestinian / Israeli Currency
Peter Macapia, Palestinian / Israeli Currency

March 05 – 27, 2014
Opening of the exhibition on March 05, 2014 at 7 pm


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Exhibiting: Peter Macapia, Vito Acconci, Paolo Cirio, Einat Amir, Tonči Antunović, Ivan Argote, Fayçal Baghriche, Mladen Stilinović, Ana Hušman, Luciana Lamothe, Peter Rostovsky, Mary Jeys
Ante Babaja, Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton

Borroworrob: In many ways every artistic work is posed in relation to another force. This activity is already spatial. A question borrows space from the space that it questions, but this also robs the space it questions of its own space, sometimes a lot, sometimes just a little – doubling it, turning it inside out – returning symmetry to asymmetry. For this exhibition, Macapia brings together various questions concerning space, including economics, engaged urban research, and history.

In the Barrel Gallery Peter Macapia will present his installation, made in collaboration with students from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb: Jelena Mavrić, Georgette Ponte and Ivona Stražičić. Along with the installation will be a projection of Ante Babaja‘s classic film from 1958, Nesporazum.
PM Gallery now functions as Treasury and Mint, which exhibits and produces world currencies on the geopolitics of space as part of an international call for submissions as well as currency projects by Peter Macapia, Paolo Cirio, Mladen Stilinović, Peter Rostovsky, Mary Jeys and others.
The Ring Gallery presents an exhibition of experimental urban videos by artists from North Africa, Latin America, USA, the Middle East, and Europe including Fayçal Baghriche, Ana Hušman, Einat Amir, Ivan Argote, Luciana Lamothe, Peter Macapia, Tonči Antunović.
It is our great pleasure to announce the premier of The City Inside Me by Vito Acconci, in collaboration with Peter Macapia, especially for this exhibition.

The aim of this project is to engage the audience in questions regarding not only institutions as places but also those forces which define space as space, as a function of other forces, including those that constitute HDLU as many different kinds of institutions, the space between artists and audiences, and the space between them and global art economies, and between global art economies and the doors of the museum and back again . . .

In conjunction with the exhibition Borroworrob, please see the conference Doubling Space. Also in conjunction with the exhibition is the open invitation for the design and exhibition of currency as space: http://borroworrob.org/.

Peter Macapia is a New York based artist, architect, and theorist. He is a native of Vashon Island in the Pacific Northwest of the US. He is the director and founder of labDORA. Macapia’s art and architecture focus on the geopolitics of public space and forms of distributions, structural engineering, algorithmic computation, and the geometry and topology of matter/energy relations. He has exhibited and performed at The Storefront for Art and Architecture, as well as internationally at Art Miami/Basel with solo shows in New York, Hong Kong, London, and Los Angeles. He has taught architectural design, history and theory at Columbia University and Sci‐Arc, as well as ESA Paris, TUS Tokyo, and TU Delft. Macapia studied at RISD and Harvard earning his Bachelor’s and Masters’ degree, and received his PhD from Columbia where he was the recipient of the Presidential Fellowship. He is currently professor at Pratt GAUD.

The exhibition, conference, and currency as space competition is conceived and organized by Macapia with Conference Organizer Danica Selem, and Producer Tonči Antunović, in collaboration with Gaella Gottwald, Director of the HDLU and Sara Čičić, Curator.

For more information contact press@borroworrob.info or galerija@hdlu.hr.

Borroworrob is made possible with the generous support of FACE Croatia, City Office for Education, Culture and Sport Zagreb, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia, EPSON, The Sheraton and Urban Stay Zagreb Agency.




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