Karas Gallery
September 17 – September 29, 2019

Opening of the exhibition: Tuesday, September 17 at 7 pm at the Karas Gallery

Exhibition Inscriptions, by Mario Kolarić, will be opened on Tuesday, September 17 at 7 pm at the Karas Gallery (Zvonimirova 58).



I have been looking at the transparency and depth of the white surface of the paper for the last 15 years. It’s a space that keeps following me and doesn’t disappear. Out of the constant need to fulfill it, I came to a moment of reconciliation with that endless whiteness. I now fill it only to create a momentary record, as an act of confirming my presence. Also, this is probably something that will have its end, but at the moment it is how I´m looking at my work in the medium of drawing. This series consists of three larger format drawings that are a continuation of the series, exhibited at the Belgrade Youth Center Gallery last year. With little technical differences in terms of color, composition, and format, the new drawings continue to the initial idea of presence as a kind of measurement of the mental space that emerges during daily drawing practice. Using simple line repetition, as an imprint of auto-identity, a complex abstract narrative within a space that resonates with ephemerality is created. The drawing itself emerges from the static of the frame and floats freely in space, present in it with the observer. I draw the lines themselves with the help of a straightener; with which they reinforce certain spontaneities, which, despite the tendency to be exact, happen on paper. The physical contact I have with the paper in the preparatory process leaves, at that stage, hardly noticeable traces of grease from the hands. When drawing lines, they are manifested either by changing the shade of the line itself or through fingerprints that float to the surface. The very idea of presence gets its additional mark here, while the play of exact lines with a straightener and hand that inevitably errs, confirms the vibrant and elusive nature of the moment of presence.



Mario Kolarić was born in Belgrade in 1984. He grew up in Osijek. Currently works and lives in Belgrade.

2010 – Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, academic painter-graphic artist
Member of HDLU since 2010
2016 participant in the Jalovik Art Colony, Jalovik, Serbia

Solo exhibitions:
2018 – “… i tako u beskraj”, Belgrade Youth Center Gallery, Belgrade (Serbia)
2017 – ”Titraj”, KC Grad Gallery, Belgrade (Serbia)
2016 – ”Vista”, Greta Gallery, Zagreb (Croatia)
2015 – ”Orbis Terrarum”, U10 Gallery, Belgrade (Serbia)
2012 – ”Home”, Galerica Gallery, Makarska (Croatia)
2011 – ”Objectivity”, ParisConcret Gallery, Paris, (France)

Group exhibitions:
2019 – ”Skriveno nasleđe”, Golubac castle, Golubac (Serbia)
2018 – ”9. beogradski susreti”, Center For Graphic Art and Visual Researches, Belgrade (Serbia)
2016 – ”39. Jalovička kolonija”, Zoran Simić Gallery, Jalovik (Serbia)
2016 – ”Remont – Studija slučaja”, Actopolis Gallery, Belgrade (Serbia)
2015 – ”U10 na preuzimanju Kolarca, Kolarac Foundation, Belgrade (Serbia)
2015 – ”24. slavonsko bijenale – selekcija”, Brod Regional Museum, Slavonski Brod (Croatia)
2014 – ”24. slavonsko bijenale”, Gallery of Fine Arts, Osijek (Croatia)
2014 – ”MUU”, old military hospital, Zagreb (Croatia)
2012 – ”Hrvatski suvremeni umjetnici”, Ernst and Young, Den Haag (Netherlands)
2012 – ”Artists’ Book on Tour”, UPM, Prague (Czech Republic)
2012 – ”Artists’ Book on Tour”, MGLC, Ljubljana (Slovenia)
2011 – ”Artists’ Book on Tour”, MAK Museum, Vienna (Austria)
2010 – ”45. zagrebački salon”, HDLU, Zagreb (Croatia)
2008 – ”Transfer magije”, Forum Gallery, Zagreb (Croatia)





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