Karas Gallery, Kralja Zvonimira 58
September 29– October 11, 2020

Following all recommendations of the National Civil Protection Headquarters, exhibition THERE IS NOTHING INSIDE, by ANĐELA ZANKI, will be opened on Tuesday, September 29 at 7 pm at the Karas Gallery (Kralja Zvonimira 58).


(…) “The artist focused on questioning the spatial relations and interactions between objects and subjects, invites the viewer to look at himself, inner self, and re-examine its substance, its history, and notions by observing these “empty objects”. How many hidden emotions of happiness, but also fear and worries, did he hide in himself and carry that burden every day? The artworks thus become a copy of ourselves, in an uncertain situation of constant anxiety, they are an illusion of our reality. The illusion of depth collides with the emptiness of these objects, as well as the symbolism of their forms. The circles that “float” and that we first encounter when entering the gallery are a symbol of the spirit, they represent wholeness and homogeneity, perfection without beginning and end. They are also a symbol of the sky (which is also blue), the celestial, and the transcendental. The shape of the circle connects it to the wheel, a symbol of a time that is infinite and eternal. For Jung, the circle is a symbol of the wholeness of the psyche, therefore, a symbol of the self. In the second room, we come across a “broken” square – a symbol of land, foundations, home, security, the four corners of the world, and the four basic elements. Its fragmentation points to the insecurity we face, to the gaps outside and within us that we struggle with, but also to the opportunity to build a “new world” on a better and more mature foundation.

Johannes Kepler said that we need to know geometry in order to understand philosophy because: “Geometry existed before Creation. It is eternal with the mind of God (..) Geometry has offered God a model for Creating (…) Geometry, it is God Himself.”

From preface, written by Nika Šimičić




Anđela Zanki (1992, Zadar) graduated Painting from the Department of Art Education, Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb in 2018. She is the winner of the Rector’s Award in 2017 for the project Color to Health at the Rebro Clinical Hospital Center. She has exhibited in several solo exhibitions, of which it is worth mentioning: 2019, Stanja Plave II, Zilik Gallery, Karlovac; 2018, Vibracije, Greta Gallery, Zagreb; 2017, Apsurdom protiv otuđenja (Nikolina Kuzmić, Martin Šatović, Anđela Zanki), Academia Moderna, Zagreb, 201, Mali formati (Marta Tuta, Anđela Zanki), Studio of the Poola Gallery, Pula. She has participated in about forty group exhibitions in Croatia and abroad (2018, Zagrebška akademija – Best Forehand, Equrna Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia). She uses minimal expression in her work. She collaborates on international projects (2019, Associate on the project The Leipzig connection, 2017-2018 assistant of the Residential Program in Leipzig, Germany, within the project De/construction of painting, in cooperation with the Croatian Association of Fine Artists and Hafenkombinati; 2015, assisted at the Trešnjevka Cultural Center in the organization of the exhibition Zagreb Ex tempore / international exhibition of ceramics) and art colonies. As part of the project Humanization of Public Spaces through Art Interventions, she is the author of a public work located at the Rebro Clinical Hospital. She is a member of the Croatian Association of Fine Arts artists in Zagreb since 2017. She lives and works in Zagreb.




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The exhibition will remain open until October 11, 2020



At the entrance to the Gallery there is a bottle with a disinfectant for visitors, which are obliged to disinfect their hands when entering the Gallery.
The security guard at the entrance to the Gallery will have a protective mask and gloves and control the number of visitors. The Gallery can hold up to 5 people at a time.
Visitors are required to maintain a distance of 2 meters.
Touching the exhibits is not allowed.
Doorknobs and any other surfaces that are frequently touched by visitors will be regularly disinfected.




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