Prostoria 10
Home of HDLU (Meštrović Pavilion)
September 25 – October 8, 2021

The exhibition Prostoria 10 marks the 10th anniversary of the well-known international furniture design brand with a strong manufacturing culture – Prostoria and opens its doors on September 25 at the Home of HDLU (Meštrović Pavilion). As an additional exhibition program, a temporary spatial installation “Prostoria Net”, designed by Numen/ForUse is being prepared and will be placed in front of Meštrović pavilion during the exhibition.

Openness to development and change, perseverance, and a spirit of research, guided by the creation of new values, ​​is a continuous process in Prostoria, which has matured into its legacy. This exhibition will present what it is made of, and visitors will have the opportunity to experience the brand itself much deeper. Namely, ten years ago, Prostoria developed from a hall for upholstered furniture in Zagorje into an industrial center for the production of all furniture elements, which goes from one place to public and residential interiors all over the world. The premise of product development in Prostoria is the so-called research-based design. The fact that this brand invests 10% of its annual budget in the segment of research, development and design shows how much importance is attached to the authenticity and quality of products.

Art Direction: Bureau architects. Photo: Marko Mihaljević.

It is important to point out that in a regional historical-geographical context, Prostoria emerged without an industry leader, only to embody it on its own over time. It grew on the ruins of the once numerous Croatian industrial furniture production, defeated in the transition from social ownership of Yugoslavia to capitalism based on competition.


Art Direction: Bureau architects. Photo: Marko Mihaljević.

The exhibition will also present for the first time the photographic project “Revisiting Architecture” by which Prostoria explores the roots of its design in the legacy of modernist Zagreb architecture – the Vatroslav Lisinki Concert Hall, Kockica, the City of Zagreb, and the Zagreb Public University. Namely, few places in the world have such a firmly rooted tradition of modernist architecture as is the case in Zagreb. It is a legacy that is the foundation and inspiration of the product design language Prostoria. “Revisiting Architecture” illustrates how selected products formally or textually refer to the environments in which they are photographed, sometimes emphasizing their origin, and other times their modernity. As a reflection of functional minimalism, Prostoria’s products deeply defined the contemporary Croatian culture of living. It has become an unavoidable inspiration for decorating private and public interiors, and at the same time, a rare design-oriented business leader in Croatia. Prostoria furniture is now available in over 60 countries and 1,000 premium selling spots worldwide.

PRESS CONTACT: Tatjana Bartaković, tbartakovic@prostoria.eu, + 385 99 815 2605


Exhibition opening hours:

Tuesday – Friday: 10 – 21

Saturday – Sunday: 10 am – 6 pm

Exhibition entrance is free of charge.


The exhibition remains open until October 8.



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Saturday and Sunday 10am - 6pm h
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