EXHIBITION: Women’s Matters Maja Bosnar, Jelena Bračun and Ida Loher

Women’s Matters
Maja Bosnar, Jelena Bračun i Ida Loher
Program of Prsten Gallery in Karas Galeriji 

September 7 – 19, 2021

Exhibition opening: Tuesday, September 7 at 7PM

Being an artist today is challenging. Being a female artist even more so. Daily responsibilities and constant care for the organisation of all aspects of life are difficult to reconcile with the active pursuit of art. It is no wonder that the artists of the past, mainly men, needed peace, freedom – and someone to take care of cooking, cleaning and everyday chores, while they created their greatest works.

In the 19th century, when women started striving towards a professional pursuit of art, they mostly chose motifs from their environment, meaning mostly the household, but they also painted self-portraits and portraits of their families. In his book Looking at the Overlooked, Norman Bryson introduces the notion of rhopography, the depiction of trivial everyday objects irrelevant to historical events and opposes it to megalography. i.e. mythological and historical painting. It is pretty obvious which topics were closer to women and which to men at the beginning of artistic emancipation.

Rhopography, however, has kept its bad reputation. We still want art to be engaged on big topics and depict something extraordinary. But it is in rhopography’s nature to question the measure of human importance. Objects exist in their slow rhythm, and they slowly undermine the achievements of the people around them. Rhopography mostly depicts “female“ and family space, but even more so it depicts a space that no one, be it a man, a woman or a child, can avoid. We exist in these spaces, this is where the majority of our lives take place. Why run from the everyday if we can embrace it and use it to create art.


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