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Darija Jelinčić
September 4 – 22, 2019
PM Gallery

Exhibition opening: Wednesday, September 4, 2019, at the Gallery PM at 20 pm

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Bačva Gallery, Home of HDLU
August 1 – August 25, 2019


Opening of the exhibition: Thursday, August 1 at 8 pm at the Bačva Gallery (Home of HDLU)

Exhibition Grey Field by Saša Živković will be opened on Thursday, August 1 at 8 pm at the Bačva Gallery (Home of HDLU).

“Saša Živković (1970) creates an enchanted circle through the dialectics of creation, permanent space-time change of the continuum of optical illusion based on grey and white polarities. The circle is an expanded dot and the sphere, which is how Plato saw the human soul, is an expanded circle. This is analogous to the circularity of the cosmos in which nothing stands still, everything moves. Just like the relationship between negative and positive image, where one is reflected in the other, with the final materialization between the matrix built from sand and a contrasting background Saša spreads achromatic grey in dual tones which acts both as the link and the dividing line – the third part of the essence of the black and white illusion (…)


Saša points to the indescribable and never fully captured meaning of the symbol; to the process of individuation of an individual who, by striving towards balance between emotion, sensory, intuition and thoughtfulness in this meaningless world, tries to become aware of his/her own unconscious and achieve psychological integrity. This is a complex and multi-faceted symbolism of the mandala that surpasses the scope of this interpretation, bringing us to the topic of meaning, psyche and visual arts.[1] Saša’s spatial image is multiperspective. Therein lies its never fully exhausted power. It is a reflection of an inner reality. This is the point of the trefoil illusion. We have to believe in it or the optical magic seen from God’s perspective disappears.

From preface, written by Željko Marciuš

[1] For the basic Jung’s symbolic terms of archetypes: collective unconscious, animus, anima, the Self, synchronicity, individuation, afterimage see: C. G. Jung, Čovjek i njegovi simboli [Man and His Symbols] (…), Mladost, Zagreb, 1987; C. G. Jung, Sjećanja, snovi, razmišljanja (autobiografija) [Memories, Dreams, Reflections (Autobiography)], Fabula Nova, Zagreb, 2004; C. G. Jung and W. Pauli, Tumačenje prirode i psihe [The Interpretation of Nature and the Psyche], Prosvjeta, Zagreb, 1989; C. G. Jung, Psihologija & alkemija [Psychology and Alchemy], Naprijed, Zagreb, 1984.



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Wednesday – Friday: 11am – 7pm h
Saturday and Sunday 10am – 6pm h
Mondays, Tuesdays and holidays (August 15, 2019) closed.

The exhibition will remain open until August 25, 2019

“Different Echoes”
Prsten Gallery
July 5. – 21, 2019


Opening of the exhibition: Friday, July at 8 pm at the Prsten Gallery

Curator: Ekkehard Neumann

Artists: Nikola Dimitrov (Cologne/Heusweiler), Duje Jurić (Zagreb), Friedhelm Falke (Cologne), Ekkehard Neumann (Münster), Sigrún Ólafsdóttir (Saarbrücken), Annette Wesseling (Cologne), Elly Valk-Verheijen (Lünen/Dortmund).

An echo or reverberation arises when reflections of a sound wave are so strongly delayed that one can perceive this sound as a separate hearing event. Resonance is the resonating of a body with another body. The terms echo and resonance describe very accurately the characteristics of the joint exhibition project by Nikola Dimitrov, Duje Jurić, Friedhelm Falke, Ekkehard Neumann, Sigrún Ólafsdóttir, Elly Valk-Verheijen and Annette Wesseling.

Translated into the language of acoustics: “Seven echoes that overlap and vibrate at a common frequency”. Reduced in color and form, each position develops its own differentiated language and at the same time refers to the other positions. A discourse that develops directly from intuition. The invitations now make it possible to continue, expand and discuss this artistic exchange in a new context.

The artists from Germany have been presented their exhibition project since 2016 in numerous museums and galleries in Germany and abroad. The wellknown Croatian artist Duje Jurić expands and enriches the concept with his works as the “seventh echo” in the gallery of the HDLU Zagreb. Visible are similarities, but also differences and accents. On this level, the exhibition is a visual conversation and exchange of individual artistic access between artists.

The artists have consistently followed their artistic ideas for decades. Her artistic media are rather classical: for Nikola Dimitrov, Friedhelm Falke, and Annette Wesseling it is painting, for Ekkehard Neumann and Sigrún Ólafsdóttir the sculpture, for Duje Jurić, Elly Valk-Verheijen the painting in installative pictorial form. In their respective design and content potential, these always explore new ideas and develop further formulations.

In all individual ways of accessing the artists can summarize the painting of Dimitrov, Falke, Jurić, Valk-Verheijen and Wesseling that they do not depict, but in the sense of non-objective art “shows itself”. The traces of the painting act and the painterly structures determine the picture. These develop intuitively or systematically. Similarly, the sculptural works of Neumann in iron and cast iron and Ólafsdóttir in latex and rubber on wood have been developed from free constructive or vegetal forms.

For the exhibition in Zagreb, the artist group will realize a collaborative work called “chamber echoes”. A wall structure picks up small individual works on paper made by the artists and develops a multi-faceted complex .mural of all “Echoes”.




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Wednesday to Friday: 11.00 AM – 7.00 PM
Saturday and Sunday: 10.00 AM – 18.00 PM
Closed on Mondays, Tuesdays and holidays.

The exhibition will remain open until July 21, 2019


Lina Kovačević, Martina Miholić, Nika Šimičić, Irena Tomašić, Martina Granić
guest: Darija Jelinčić
Bačva Gallery
June 28 – July 21, 2019

Opening of the exhibition: Friday, June 28 at 8 pm at the Bačva Gallery

A multimedia exhibition  Island of Inanna, byLina Kovačević, Martina Miholić, Nika Šimičić, Irena Tomašić, Martina Granić, and their guest Darija Jelinčić, will be opened on Friday, June 28 at 8 pm at the Bačva Gallery.

The exhibition is the result of a multimedia research process, based on own life and professional experiences of the artists, with the aim of demystifying the notion of feminism, which has been distorted lately, inadequately used, worn out by constant repetition in every possible context and often has pejorative connotations.

In artists´work, island is a mystical place, circular, sun-bathed by the dome of the Meštrović pavilion. It is also the home of the goddess Inanna, the Sumerian goddess of love, fertility and war (3rd century BC). She is a four-person goddess: besides being a virgin, a mature woman and an old woman (warrior, lover, and ruler) she is also the ruler of the underworld. She is at the same time a self-centered young girl and a rebellious teenager, who is able to break all the prohibitions, opposing various fatherly figures.

Artists are playing with materials such as concrete, wax, stone, textiles; different textures; media, but also objects – instruments for “upgrading” or “repairing” a woman’s body. With this approach, the boundary between the socially conditioned and the biological body is lost, and the sexuality and the female attributes do not provoke shame; on the contrary, they become the qualitative element of every woman,

Starting from the idea of ​​a woman as the primordial creator of the universe, Island of Inanna is a utopian topos filled with artifacts taken from everyday life and pop culture, archeological findings of women’s presence that represent the remaining traces of the existence of the divine female principle. However, the issue of violence against women’s tissue, the cosmetic industry, or the men themselves is opening up, making use of the biological tenderness for capitalist purposes, taking feminism as a good marketing manipulation.

The guest at the exhibition, photographer Darija Jelinčić, did her work through collaboration with Taiwanese performer Chenwei Hsu, who explores the feminine features he possesses in order to gain as much experience as possible and thus understand the feminine nature. He gained interest in the subject by growing up with his mother, father, and two sisters, so he wanted to know and understand the female nature in order to better relate to his sisters and mother, women in general.

Preface – Nika Šimičić

Island of Inanna – Irena Tomašić

About the artists

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Wednesday to Friday: 11.00 AM – 7.00 PM
Saturday and Sunday: 10.00 AM – 18.00 PM
Closed on Mondays, Tuesdays and holidays.

The exhibition will remain open until July 21, 2019

Tea Hatadi 

PM Gallery
June 13 – 30, 2019


Josip Konfic




Exhibition opening: June 13, 2019 at 8pm

“The decision to exhibit part of the work in parallel with the fence already existing in the pavilion brings Tea Hatadi back to her old dilemma, i.e. all the fences and passages she has been engaged in a dialogue with, by observing, capturing and transforming them, transferring them into different exhibition or public spaces. This time Tea approaches the fence as a trigger for reminiscing about childhood memories; for her it is a symbol of the unreachable, a place out of reach, in front of which she opts for play-music. By following the fence, which Tea shaped like a percussion instrument by arranging the pipes of various dimensions into an object or cloak that produces sound, its activation leads to the state of defence, but also distance from anything undesirable or, in the artist’s words, protection in the form of a continuous, circular game… ”

From the preface by Ana Mušćet


Preface – In Loop

Biographies – Tea Hatadi, Josip Konfic



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Wednesday – Friday: 11am – 7pm h
Saturday and Sunday 10am – 6pm h
Mondays, Tuesdays and holidays (June 20, 22 and 25) closed

Galerija Karas
4. 6. – 16. 6. 2019.

Exhibition Interview with Myself, by Zoran Kakša, will be opened on Tuesday, June 4th at 7 pm at the Karas Gallery (Zvonimirova 58).

“Ethereal dimension of Kakša’s series in which the artists engages in a dialogue with himself, i.e. with his memories and random observations, was born by light peeking through a hole. This tiny pupil made on some commodity boxes, which establishes order from the chaos of light and whose sharpness is – more accurately, sharpness on the retina of the reflected and created image –proportionate to the time of exposure to daylight hours and night lights, this is the essential and first component of the creative series characterized by intellectual and performance sensitivity.”

From the preface, written by Nikola Albaneže



Born on May 12th 1974 in Zagreb. In 1993 he graduated from the Department of Graphic Arts, School of Applied Arts and Design in Zagreb, with Prof. M. Poljan. Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, Department of Art Education (Graphics), in the class of Prof. I. Šiško in 2002. He worked as a Art teacher in Samobor and associate restorer at the Croatian Conservation Institute on the altars of the Monastery of St. Leonard in Kotari (Žumberak), on the polyptych from the Church of St. Francis in Pula and in the Croatian State Archives in Zagreb. Zoran also workes in the “Staklić Artistic Glasswork Atelier“ where he learned glass work and stained glass making and also as Art teacher in Matko Laginja Elementary School in Zagreb. He has had 12 solo and 112 group exhibitions in the country and abroad.  He is a member of the Croatian Association of Artists (HDLU). Lives and works in Zagreb.


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Wednesday – Friday: 3 pm – 8 pm | Saturday and Sunday: 10 am to 1 pm
Mondays, Tuesdays and holidays: closed.

The exhibition will remain open until June 16, 2019



Bačva Gallery, Home of HDLU

May 22 – June 9, 2019


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Wednesday - Friday: 11am - 7pm h
Saturday and Sunday 10am - 6pm h
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