Advanced Course in Visual Arts

Advanced Course in Visual Arts

29 June – 20 July 2010

Hans Haacke

Give and take

Visiting Professor

Hans Haacke


Annie Ratti


Anna Daneri

Cesare Pietroiusti


Anna Daneri

Karen Tomatis


Angela Maderna

Teresa Saibene


29 June – 20 July 2010


FAR, Villa Sucota, Via per Cernobbio 19

22100 Como, Italy

Th e Course

Th e Advanced Course in Visual Arts is an

experimental project where dialogue and

exchange among artists of diff erent generations

and nationalities stand at the heart of a unique

artistic and learning experience.

Th e course is open to twenty young artists of

all nationalities, selected among the

applications by a scientifi c commission. Th e

programme lasts twenty one days during which

the participants attend conferences held by

artists, critics and experts of other disciplines,

are involved in theoretical seminars with the

curators and guest lecturers as well as in daily

workshop activity with the Visiting Professor.

Th e programme also includes a project for the

publication documenting the course and an

exhibition project developed from the

workshop experience.


Th e application is open to candidates over

eighteen. No study certifi cate is required, but

English is essential. Attendance to the course

is free, while accommodation expenses in

Como and costs for the production of artworks

are to be covered by the participants.

Th e application form is available online on, and must be fi lled in

and sent online. Th e candidates will receive by

email a copy of the application form that must

be printed, signed and sent to Fondazione

Antonio Ratti, Villa Sucota, Via per Cernobbio

19, 22100 Como, Italy by 4 April 2010 (date of

the postmark), enclosing documentation

(preferably printed, or on CD or DVD for

videos) of already produced artworks.

Th e selected participants will be contacted via

email by 30 April 2010. Th e documentation is

returned only on demand, to those who

enclose a pre-stamped and addressed envelope.

Hans Haacke

Hans Haacke, born in Cologne, Germany, in

1936 has been living in New York since 1965.

He taught at Th e Cooper Union, New York

from 1967 to 2002. For the last four decades,

Haacke has been looking at the relationship

between art, power, money, and has addressed

the issues of free expression and civic

responsibilities in a democratic society. His

early work dealt with physical and organic

processes. He then increasingly he then

focused on the socio-political context in which

art is exhibited and traded. A one-person

exhibition, scheduled at the Guggenheim

Museum in 1971, was cancelled by the museum

because of a visitors’ poll and two works

analyzing New York real estate empires.

One-person exhibitions of Haacke’s work were

held at Tate Gallery, London; New Museum

of Contemporary Art, New York; Centre

Georges Pompidou, Paris; Serpentine Gallery,

London; Deichtorhallen, Hamburg/Akademie

der Künste, Berlin. His work was included in

four Documentas and numerous biennials

around the world, most recently at the

Gwangju Biennial, 2008. After a heated

national debate, a permanent installation was

inaugurated in 2000 in the Reichstag, the

German Parliament building in Berlin.

Haacke shared a Golden Lion with Nam June

Paik for the best pavilion of the 1993 Venice

Biennial. “Free Exchange”, a conversation of

the artist with Pierre Bourdieu, was published

in 1995 (Stanford University Press).

Translations have since appeared in eight


Give and take

Students are expected to bring to the workshop

– in the form of an exhibition – something

they consider signifi cant from the place from

which they are coming (country, city, place of

work, circle of friends, family, or other). In

turn, participants in the workshop are expected

to prepare for an audience ‘at home’ an

exhibition of something they found signifi cant

in Como, or Italy.

Events and exhibitions

Corso Aperto

3 July

Public presentation of artworks and projects by

the course participants.

Hans Haacke

During the month of July, 2010, an exhibition

by Hans Haacke will open at Spazio culturale

Antonio Ratti, Largo Spallino 1.

End of course exhibtion

Th e exhibition is an integral part of the course.

It will present works produced by the

participants during the workshop with Hans



Hans Haacke

“Show and tell”

1 July, Fondazione Antonio Ratti

Th e programme will include two other

conferences open to the public and two

seminars on the course issues held by experts in

diff erent disciplines.


All the activities of the CSAV are documented

in the publications dedicated to Visiting

Professor, to the workshop and to the artists


Past publications are: Joseph Kosuth (1995),

John Armleder (1996), Allan Kaprow (1997),

ed. Skira; Hamish Fulton (1998), Haim

Steinbach (1999), Ilya Kabakov (2000), Marina

Abramović (2001), Giulio Paolini (2002),

Richard Nonas (2003), Jimmie Durham

(2004), Joan Jonas (2007), Yona Friedman

(2008) ed. Charta; Alfredo Jaar (2005),

Marjetica Potrč (2006), ed. Actar; Aesthetics of

Resistance (2005), Fragmented Book (2006),

ed. Nero; Invisible Miracles (2007), Public

Improvisations (2008), A camel is a horse

designed by a committee (attempts at rewriting

the wor(l)d) (2009), ed. Mousse. Th e book on

Walid Raad (2009) is forthcoming.

Epson FAR award

for artistic research

An international jury will award with high

tech Epson products the works of three young



Advanced Course in Visual Arts

Fondazione Antonio Ratti

Villa Sucota

Via per Cernobbio 19

22100 Como, I

tel. 0039 031-233111.213 / fax 233249

Hans Haackedvanced Course in Visual Arts



utorak – nedjelja: 11 – 19
ponedjeljkom i praznikom zatvoreno.



utorak: 10 – 13 sati
srijeda – petak: 16 – 20 sati
subota 10 – 13 sati
nedjeljom, ponedjeljkom i praznikom zatvoreno

Zvonimirova 58, Zagreb

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