NATJEČAJ : WHW Akademija 2019 – 2020

Open Call WHW Akademija, 2019 – 2020


Kustoski kolektiv Što, kako i za koga / WHW  objavljuje javni poziv za sudjelovanje u drugoj godini WHW Akademije. Program traje od 4. studenog 2019. do 31. svibnja 2020. godine.

Sve informacije o programu i kako u njemu sudjelovati saznajete OVDJE .


Application Deadline: April 29, 2019
Selection interviews – in person (for Zagreb-based applicants) and over Skype – will be conducted between May 20 – 31, 2019.
Results will be announced by mid June 2019.

WHW Akademija is a new program for emerging artists. It aims to foster new forms of self-determination, based on modes of critical reflection, curiosity and encounters among artists, artworks, art professionals, scholars and practitioners across disciplines. The WHW Akademija shares part of its title with the WHW curatorial collective, who drew their name from an acronym of the three basic questions of every economic organization: What, How & for Whom. WHW Akademija departs from the notion of the ‘conscious citizen,’ aiming to offer a broad educational spectrum and access to conflicting ideas and opinions, as well as to incorporate principles and values applicable to wider social and political life. It is imagined as a place for testing ideas, making discoveries and encouraging trial and errors. The program of WHW Akademija endeavors to position the notion of ‘learning by doing’ as a crucial element in the reciprocal educational process, which encourages students to actively co-produce critical content. In doing so, WHW Akademija highlights the collective methods of co-learning.

The resident professors throughout this year’s program are David Maljković and Kate Sutton, who will collaboratively develop a mentoring program and regular meetings for the students; and Sanja Iveković who will conduct a masterclass for the participants on a monthly basis. Guest professors are Banu CennetoğluDAAR (Sandi Hilal and Alessandro Petti) and Manuel Pelmuş. Participants will be invited to participate in shaping part of the program through suggesting and developing associations with local figures and initiatives.

The Advisory Board members of WHW Akademija are David MaljkovićEmily PethickKathrin Rhomberg and Christine Tohme.

WHW Akademija is realized in partnership with the Kontakt Art Collection. The collection focuses on experimental and neo avant-garde art activities in Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe from the late 1950s onwards. The manifold artistic positions included in the Kontakt Art Collection will serve as one of the foundations for discussions and interventions of other formats in WHW Akademija.

In the first year of the program, 2018 – 2019, the resident professors were Ben CainTina Gverovićand Sanja Iveković, with Pierre Bal BlancRajkamal KhalonAdam Szymczyk and Wendelien van Oldenborgh serving as guest professors. Additionally, the WHW Akademija welcomed guest speakers and collaborators including Charles EscheGreg de CuirMladen DomazetAna JanevskiBožena Končić BadurinaOscar MurilloManuel PelmuşKathrin RhombergDubravka SekulićMarko TadićGoran TrbuljakJelena Vesić, and Želimir Žilnik, among others.

The participants of the inaugural 2018-19 year are: Laura Barić (Zagreb); Jakub Danilewicz(Gdańsk); Philippa Driest (Rotterdam); Vida Guzmić (Zagreb); Larion Lozovoy (Kyiv); Petra Mrša(Rijeka); Jelena Petric (Zagreb); and Paky Vlassopoulou (Athens.)

WHW Akademija is funded by Kontakt Art Collection and the Foundation for Arts Initiatives. Additional funds for the public program have been granted by the Ministry of Culture of Republic of Croatia and City Office for Culture, Education and Sports of the City of Zagreb.

image: Oscar Murillo, Industrial Park, performance at WHW Akademija, January 2019, photo: Damir Žižić



Tijekom trajanja izložbe Hrvatska svijetu do 15.5.2021. radno vrijeme je od ponedjeljka do nedjelje od 11 do 21h

Redovno radno vrijeme nakon 15.5.2021.:
srijeda – petak 11 do 19h
subota i nedjelja 10 do 18h,
ponedjeljkom, utorkom i praznikom zatvoreno.

Trg žrtava fašizma 16, Zagreb



utorak: 10 – 13 sati
srijeda – petak: 16 – 20 sati
subota 10 – 13 sati
nedjeljom, ponedjeljkom i praznikom zatvoreno

Zvonimirova 58, Zagreb

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